Record Store Day: The Dusty Needle


Just like last year, when we published the limited edition book Belgium - The Vinyl Frontier, we're pulling a double shift on Saturday April 18 aka Record Store Day. We're still keeping one shift a secret, for now, but the word on the second shift is already out. It's called The Dusty Needle - a one-day only record store, with a little help from our friends at Music Mania, Democrazy, Chase and Vooruit - and it doesn't just include stacks of black gold but also (presumably killer) DJ sets from Nosedrip, Grazzhoppa, Bafana, Roger Sterling, No Sleep Richy, ijf, Azer and Menno from STUFF. Vinyl only, of course!

Don't expect a - not that there's anything wrong with that - tight-spaced record store but a cosy place to hang out, meet up, do the funky chicken and brag about the records you scored that day. Can't make it? No worries! Chase will stream all DJ sets on its website. Though you should realise that also means you'll miss the free concerts at Vooruit that day from - to name but a few - Bony King, Nordmann, Manngold, Het Zesde Metaal, Wallace Vanborn and I Will, I Swear. And that just makes both you and us sad pandas.