Transistorcake - Grenadine


After a critically acclaimed debut EP in 2019, Orson Wouters' Transistorcake returns with infectious new material.

The Cocktail EP contains six tracks that expertly blends every genre you can think of; from bubbling acid melodies, to pounding disco drums, spiky post-punk bass, ambient tones and industrial percussion to create a refreshing yet intoxicating brew. "I've always thought cocktails were a perfect way to introduce an imaginary world", Orson explains. "They come in so many different colours and tastes, each with its own different glass to pour them into. That was the idea I was going for on this EP".

Orson describes 'Grenadine' as a "good old fashioned TB-303 dance track". The result is a funky, low slung jam, that maintains just the right tempo for dancing while ensuring your drink will be safe on the dancefloor.