The Subs & Tsar B - Flesh and Bones (Gobs Remix)

Pictures by Vlad Solovov


Listen to a dirty drum 'n' bass remix by Gobs and make the world's biggest bassface.

The original track with vocals from Tsar B was a heavy hitter already, but when The Subs put the stems for Flesh And Bones online to see who could make the dopest remix, little did they know a bedroom producer would blow them off their seats. In true junglist fashion, Gobs' rework is a wild ride that incorporates fat basslines and huge drops unapologetically.

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Perseverance is Gobs' middle name (before Gonzato and after Sebastian). Fighting the urge to binge Netflix during these difficult times, he has doubled down on crafting his production skills. His remix for The Subs, with its raw oldskool flavour, is his first production to grab the attention of a wider audience, although it will surely not be the last.