Murdock: finding harmony between metal and drum ‘n’ bass.

Pictures by Kemizz


There are many faces of drum ‘n’ bass, a genre that has always flirted with external influences like hip hop, dancehall, rave and… heavy metal. One of Belgium’s longest running premier DJ’s in the field, Hans Machiels aka Murdock, releases his brand new metal-influenced productions on Viper Recordings today. The mastermind behind the RAMPAGE events has always been a fan of anything that slabs hard. “I’m an 80s baby, so I grew up with the old MTV”, says Machiels. “Although I was more of a hip hop kid, I’ve always admired the shenanigans of these classic rock bands like Guns & Roses and Rage Against The Machine”. That secret love must have stuck somehow, because more than 25 years later, the now drum ‘n’ bass stalwart found inspiration for his new music in those hard-hitting guitar stabs.

To come full circle, Machiels had the idea to switch turns and let a heavy metal band cover ‘Rock Hard’, the lead single on this Viper release. The Antwerp-based quintet Bark was eager to give it a try and succeeded gracefully. “Drum ‘n’ bass and heavy metal are both loud and brutal genres that omit pure and primal energy”, explains Machiels. After listening to this excellent release, who are we to deny that?

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