LYNE - Bipo Feels EP


The 23-year-old London-based Belgian vocalist is gearing up for her debut EP drop on Friday. Listen to the full release here now. 

Last year we first featured LYNE in our Fresh On the Scene series, but this week she’s proud to present her ‘Bipo Feels’ EP. The result is a prime example of the exciting evolution R&B is making within the realms of the pop and hip hop music scenes. These are extremely fresh beats to vibe to, made extra interesting by LYNE's use of both English and French.

The title represents the way relationships can have us feeling bipolar, having completely opposing emotions all the same time. “Writing this EP helped me release some thoughts”, LYNE explains. “Experiencing different emotions at the same time can be very frustrating. There’s a thin line between love and hate. Intense love can seem so durable, that it’s almost unrealistic when we see how quickly it can turn into anger. This EP is a message of support to anyone who feels confused about what their heart is saying”.