Lingerwalt - Object Lover

Pictures by Ben Verlooy


There are times for hard kicks and rolling baselines, and there are times for introspective soundscapes. In that category, Lingerwalt, the pseudonym of musician Wout Vandenbergh, is one of the newest names to watch. The Leuven-based producer creates hauntingly intense atmospheres, drawing inspiration from both ambient and rave music. The brand new Hollow EP is set to be released on April 24, but you can get a first taste of the track ‘Object Lover’ right here.

“I find it very difficult to sustain resonance while editing or (post-) producing, and more than once I felt the initial magic dissolve into frustration”, Vandenbergh explains. “So, I decided that recording should be the most important part of making this music. By recording in single takes, I could end up with something much more satisfying. Just like a living organism, every take has it’s own minor fragilities, but given its overall beauty, do these matter”?