And this year's Lifetime Achievement and Most Promising Artist Awards go to...


We still have to wait a couple of weeks before the nominations of this year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards are announced, but today we can already share two prestigious titles. On November 13, Dour Festival promoter Damien Dufrasne and Pukkelpop founders Chokri Mahassine, Marie Peremans, Patrick Breugelmans and Christiane Sluyter will be given a Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions to the Belgian electronic music scene. In doing so, they follow in the footsteps of Front 242, Telex, Stephen & David Dewaele, Jan Van Biesen, PIAS, R&S and Bonzai.

But there’s more. In anticipation of the ceremony, the Red Bull Elektropedia team unanimously decides which three acts are crowned the Most Promising Artists. In previous years, the honours have gone to artists like Glints, blackwave. and Sylvie Kreusch. This year however, we have selected KRANKk, Lola Haro and Bombataz. The former is an Antwerp-based trio of classically schooled musicians set on continuing the legacy UK garage left behind, the second is Belgian house music’s new prodigy and the latter is a Brussels-based funk and jazz outfit that doesn’t play by the rules. More in-depth interviews and video content with each of these Most Promising Artists will follow soon.