RBEA17: Most Promising Artist


Pictures by Lars Duchateau


As with every Red Bull Elektropedia Awards show, we like to put upcoming talent in the spotlight. The Most Promising Artist Award is given to acts that are deemed to be on the verge of breaking through. Whether it’s making beats, spitting bars or singing melodies, these artists have one thing in common: a promising potential to make it big in the music scene.

Meet the dynamic duo that is Vitesse. These two Brussels-based friends have just barely released their first 12-inch on the equally new Crevette Records, but there’s something about their dreamy synths and rolling basslines that whispers us there is more of that good stuff to come. House and disco are ever present in our nightlife scene, but not many can successfully release original debut productions in this genre in the way they have done – Dutch lyrics included. Before they break through, it’s time to learn a thing or two about Pieter Polspoel and Guillaume Kohn aka Vitesse.

Congratulations on winning your ‘Most Promising Artist’ award for this year's the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Did you see it coming?

"Not at all. Our first release only came out a few months ago, so it's quite a surprise. We’re happy to see that some people believe in us."

For people that have no clue who you are: what kind of music do you make?

"We're not really focused on one genre. Inspired by different styles, we just make music we are feeling the moment we’re in the studio. If you really have to, you could describe our stuff as downtempo, synth-pop, Balearic, wave music. Our first record has a very ‘80s downtempo’ sound with Italo-disco influences. The lyrics in Dutch were initially just a joke, but we rolled with it and it worked quite well actually."

How did you guys meet? And when did you start making music?

"We were classmates in secondary school, and since about four years ago we started to make music together. Our tastes and interests in music are pretty similar. For the both of us it's our passion, our drive – not just as creators, but as co-promotors (Plein Sud and Boutique Electronique) and radio hosts (on BRUZZ) too. Since its inception last year, we have also joined the Crevette Records family."

Do you guys also play DJ-sets? If so, where do you usually play? Would you play live too?

"We actually only do DJ-sets at the moment. Most of the time we play in Brussels-based clubs and bars like Fuse and Kumiko. The Crevette connection has brought us some cools gigs as well, like Red Light Radio or WECANDANCE. We’d like to play live in the future, but in order to do that we still have some work to do…"

Your first record ever released is completely sold out. How does that feel?

"We never expected this. We never even thought about releasing these tracks until Pim (Crevette Record’s owner, red.) convinced us to put it out as the first release on his label."

What’s the story behind that epic album cover?

"We wanted some kind of funny portrait picture, nothing too serious. The idea just came naturally and we shot everything quite easily in our living room, with styling by Sien Sergooris, pictures by Joris Vanderplaetsen and graphic design by Fien Robbe."

Any new music in the making?

"For sure! We're working on new music when we find the time. We just became roommates in Brussels now, so it will be much easier from now on to plan some production sessions together. Besides Vitesse, we're also working on other projects with some very close friends, but more on that later!"

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The 2017 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards will be held at Flagey (Brussels) on Wednesday, November 15.

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