#RBEA17: and the nominees are…

Pictures by Daniil Lavrovski


Is it really a surprise hip hop dominates the tabs this year? With six nominations Roméo Elvis x Le Motel (Artist Of The Year, two times Best Song, Best Remix, Best Album, Best Live Act, Chase Award) are definite favorites. The second half of the outfit, Le Motel, even has two additional nominations for his solo work (Best Remix and Best Producer). Suffice to say Roméo isn’t planning on slowing down after last year’s stunning success at this award show. Brussels-Charleroi power duo Caballero & JeanJass (six nominations: Artist Of The Year, Best Song, Best Live, Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC, Best Video, Chase Award), poet slash rapper Brihang (six nominations: Artist Of The Year, Best Album, Best Live, Marc Meulemans Aard, Best Video, Chase Award), no-nonsense Zwangere Guy (five nominations: Artist Of The Year, Best Remix, Best Album, Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC, Chase Award) and lord of the charts Damso (five nominations: Artist Of The Year, Best Song, Best Album, Best Live, Chase Award) all top off an extremely succesful year and get rewarded for that accordingly. 

But there’s more than just hip hop, obviously. In a year where Soulwax made new moves, it would be ludicrous to assume they would not collect more than a handful of nominations. The internationally honoured DeeWee duo are nominated for Artist Of The Year, Best Song, Best Album, Best Producer, Best Live and Best Video. Not really being hip hop or 4x4 music - more like a category of its own - the ever creative colective named STUFF. reels in five nominations (Artist Of The Year, Best Song, Best Album, Best Remix, Best Live). Lastly, there’s one house act that pulls off a whopping streak of six nominations: the omnipresent and ever friendly DC Salas (Artist Of The Year, Best Remix, Best Album, Best Producer, Best Radio and Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC).

Now, let’s dive into some remarkable nominations. In the Best Remix category there are two acts that are nominated twice: the Hivern Discs affiliated Cleveland (with his remixes for Roosevelt and Abstraxion) and the beatwizard R.O., who scores with two remixes for the current kings of Belgian hip hop: Roméo Elvis and Damso.

A potential odd-one-out for many is Jeroen Pessemier in the Best Producer category. Although not actively making music under his given name, this guy’s work for The Subs and Oscar And The Wolf (or under his techno moniker One Track Brain) makes him a force to be reckoned with.

In the Best Party category we’re happy to welcome a few new players, like the Brussels-based BSMNT, Heartbroken and Les Garages Numériques (who also secured a nomination in the Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC event section) - as well as Charleroi’s Flash Forward, Antwerp’s Helder and the traveling More Morano events. As for Best Really Big Party, we mostly see the usual suspects (All Eyes On Hip Hop, Bozar Night, Deep In House, Rampage, Nächtvøgels, Catclub, FloorFiller, KNTXT and Kowboys & Indians) but also one-year-old Hasselt-based Grensloos, who therefore also secured a nomination in the Breakthrough Party/Festival/Club category.

In the Best Festival category, we see some interesting events rubbing shoulders with the obvious big players. HORST, Paradise City Festival, WECANDANCE and the avant garde, Eupen-based Meakusma Festival all secured their spot amongst the giants of the Belgian festival scene.

In case you forgot, we announced the winners of the Most Promising Artist category last week: Vitesse, Témé Tan and blackwave. This is only category in which the winners are announced before the ceremony – and all three medalists are represented in other categories as well. Témé Tan secured a spot in the Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC section and both Vitesse and blackwave. have made a contender for Best Song (the latter even adding a nomination for the Chase Award). One of last years’ most promising artists, WWWater, scores three nominations this year (Best Live, Breakthrough Artist/Producer/DJ/MC and the Marc Meulemans Award), solidifying her position as one of Belgium’s most exciting pop acts around.