#RBEA16: Vanguard + Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Lifetime Achievement Award


On November 16, the sixth edition of the annual Red Bull Elektropedia Awards will be taking place at Brussels' infamous Flagey building.

Even though the nominees will not be published before November 2, we can gladly announce that this year's Vanguard Award will go to the great minds behind FruityLoops (Jean-Marie Cannie, Frederic Vanmol en Frank Van Biesen), a popular music software program that allows producing, mixing and recording. Since its arrival on the market in 1997, it has been used by the likings of Deadmau5, Soulja Boy, Avicii, Martin Garrix and even our fellow countrywoman Polar Youth, who was a Most Promising Artist at RBEA14!

A first in six years of award shows will be the Belgium: The Vinyl Frontier Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be handed to living cult legend André Brasseur for his astonishing accomplishments and repertoire. The Brussels' based Hammond-organist had his international breakthrough back in 1965 with his single Early Bird (Satellite), which was released as a B-side track on Roland Kluger Music, a Belgian record label. The track eventually sold over 10 million copies and was rooted in the Belgian billboards for four consecutive months.

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