Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2019: and the winners are...


Zwangere Guy cashed in all his nominations at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards tonight: he received gold for Best Album (Wie Is Guy?), Best Song (Gorik Pt. 1) and Best Live Act. The Brussels-based rapper was also elected Artist of the Year.

Only in the category Best Video did Zwangere Guy have to make room for Angèle, last year's big winner. The international pop phenomenon won Best Music Video for the clip of ‘Balance Ton Quoi’.

The only other artist to win more than one prize was Martha Da'ro. The alter ego of actress Martha Canga Antonio beat an impressive bunch of up-and-coming talents in the Fresh On the Scene category, while one of her producers, Willem Ardui (blackwave.), won the Best Producer title for the song ‘Sugarman’.

Charlotte Adigéry – who had the most nominations – and her label bosses Soulwax ended up with one Red Bull Elektropedia Award each: Best EP (Zandoli) and Best Remix (Robyn - Ever Again) respectively.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening: for the first time, the top three of the Belgian DJ Top 100 consisted of only women: Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens and AliA. The highest newcomer in the list is Lola Haro, clocking in at 16.

Another first: Pukkelpop defeated Dour Festival for the first time in the category Best Electronic Music Event (Heavyweight). Dour was unbeaten since 2015. However, the promoters of both festivals also stood side by side tonight, when each of them received a Lifetime Achievement Award for their contribution to electronic music in our country.

Finally, Ghent’s Kompass club led the Belgian Club Top 30 for the second year in a row. However, Brussels remains the national nightlife capital with no less than nine establishments in the top thirty, followed by Ghent (6), Antwerp (5) and Hasselt (4).

A total of 27,478 people voted for the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards this year.

An overview of the top three in all categories can be found below.

Artist of the Year

1. Zwangere Guy

2. Angèle

3. Charlotte Adigéry

Best Album

1. Zwangere Guy – Wie is Guy?

2. Roméo Elvis – Chocolat

3. BeraadGeslagen – Duizeldorp

Best EP

1. Charlotte Adigéry – Zandoli

2. Claire Laffut – Mojo

3. Miss Angel – Ghetto Mami, Vol. 1

Best Song

1. Zwangere Guy – Gorik Pt. 1

2. Charlotte Adigéry – High Lights

3. Brihang – Steentje

Best Remix

1. Robyn – Ever Again (Soulwax Remix)

2. BeraadGeslagen – Duizeldorp (BXXL Remix by Don Hostage ft. Zwangere Guy, Martha Da’ro, Blu Samu & Peet)

3. Eats Everything – Space Raiders (Charlotte de Witte Remix)

Best Producer

1. Willem Ardui (Martha Da’ro – Sugarman)

2. Le Motel (Le Motel ft. Martha Da’ro & Miss Angel – Forgotten)

3. Soulwax, Bolis Pupul & Charlotte Adigéry (Charlotte Adigéry – High Lights)

Best Live Act

1. Zwangere Guy

2. Angèle

3. Roméo Elvis

Fresh on the Scene

1. Martha Da’ro

2. Lous and The Yakuza

3. Miss Angel

Chase Award (New Urban)

1. Rare Akuma

2. Roedel

3. Lyna

Best Video

1. Angèle – Balance ton quoi (Charlotte Abramow)

2. Zwangere Guy – Gorik Pt. 1 (Joe Vanhoutteghem)

3. Roméo Elvis – Soleil (Brice VDH & A$IAN ROCKY)

Best Label

1. Fake


3. Top Notch Belgium

Best Electronic Music Event

1. Vice City

2. Krankenhaus

3. Gay Haze

Best Electronic Music Event (Middleweight)

1. Horst

2. Paradise City

3. Voltage

Best Electronic Music Event (Heavyweight)

1. Pukkelpop

2. Dour

3. Couleur Café

Breakthrough Party/Festival/Club

1. Rave Rebels

2. De Serre

3. La Cabane

Marc Meulemans Award (Artwork)

1. Nana Esi

2. Joëlle Dubois & III-Studio

3. Ronny en Johny

Best Music Photographer

1. Yaqine Hamzaoui

2. Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

3. Nachtschaduw

Best Media

1. Kiosk Radio

2. Vice

3. Black Mamba (Studio Brussel)

Most Promising Artist

- Bombataz


- Lola Haro

Lifetime Achievement Award

- Damien Dufrasne (Dour)

- Patrick Breugelmans, Chokri Mahassine, Marie Peremans, Christiane Sluyter (Pukkelpop)

Belgian DJ Top 100

1. Charlotte de Witte (2)

2. Amelie Lens (3)

3. AliA (10)

(full list here)

Belgian Club Top 30

1. Kompass

2. C12

3. Fuse

4. Club Vaag

5. Bloody Louis

(full list here)