Promotors behind Roots of Minimal start new festival in Portugal: 'Waking Life'


Belgian promoters are clearly looking for new horizons. Last week Labyrinth Club announced that they will host a new festival in Croatia (link) and WECANDANCE revealed that they are teaming up with Habitas in Mexico (link). But the good news keeps on coming…

The lovely people behind Roots of Minimal, Moodfamily and Hertz presented their new initiative, ‘Waking Life’, a 4-day arts and music festival located near the medieval town of Crato in the sparsely populated area of Northern Alentejo, Portugal. We strongly advise you to mark August 17-20 in your calendars, as this will be an extraordinary experience destined for the books.

Other than that, we’re left with little information - although they did whisper some promising details about the expected experience: “The fundamental idea is to facilitate a spellbinding playground where fun, music, creativity and co-creation are key and where young and old, humans and non-humans are given the opportunity to (dis)connect. Waking Life wants to be part of the transition towards environmental and social inclusion into our society”.

A line-up hasn't been confirmed yet - so we urge you to keep your eyes peeled on for fresh updates.

Obrigado e adeus!

Waking Life