Private Sessions No. 1


Here's the deal (but don't tell anyone): before the month is over, the first edition of Private Sessions will take place somewhere in Ghent. We can't tell you where, we can't tell you when, and we can't say who will be playing. What we can say, is that Private Sessions is not the type of PR event that has 'exclusive' written all over it, and then when you get there, you notice they tricked about 2,000 people into thinking they got an exclusive invite.

Keywords for the first edition of Private Sessions are "no more than one hundred people", "great drinks", "sublime view", "unusual location" and "killer deejays".

And now for the really good news: we have two tickets for one extremely lucky bastard(ess). Tell us before Tuesday March 25 who you would like to be your private dancer, in an ideal world, and you might get lucky. Send your (somewhat motivated) answer to with your full name and address.

Good luck!