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Pineapple Pop - RVLTN (Maxim Lany Remix)

Pineapple Pop - RVLTN (Maxim Lany Remix)

"I'm really excited to be a part of this special EP that's brought such strong and diverse artists together. I got to go outside of my comfort zone for this one and Hemi pushed me to go even further. The reactions to it have been great already so I can't wait for it to be released.

This follows on from a couple of releases I'm quite proud of. I got to release a track on John Digweed’s label, Bedrock, that's something I never thought would happen and then I released an EP on Forest Walker Recordings a great, up and coming label run by fellow Belgians Flapjackers. Then next up after this will be a release on my own label Lany Recordings, that will be one for the books..."

Pineapple Pop - RVLTN
Released 7th September via On The Fruit Recordings


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