Pierre’s 25 ultimate Fuse anthems.


The history of techno in Belgium couldn’t be told without a mention of Fuse. As we anticipate the release of our documentary (February 1) that tells the story of this Brussels nightlife institution, we wondered which tracks have left their mark on the ravers’ minds throughout the past 23 years. Who could help us out better than long-time resident Pierre. Equipped with a brain that contains an entire sonic encyclopedia, this local Brusseleir knows exactly which tracks guarantee to cause some dancefloor damage. What follows is a list of 25 key productions that have shaped ‘the sound of Fuse’ since its inception.

Vapourspace - A Gravitational Arch of Ten (1993)

"This is a true Fuse classic, and it’s still relevant today. We had Vapourspace at the club in the early years, performing his full live act sitting in the middle of the dancefloor surrounded by the crowd. What an experience!"

The Vision - Detroit: One Circle (1996)

"Better known as Robert Hood, on Juan Atkins’ Metroplex record label."

Millsart - Gamma Player (1995)

"I couldn’t make this playlist without including at least one Jeff Mills track. ‘The Bells’ would have been too obvious, so I picked this beauty. It’s a little less famous and in a completely different register."

Mathew Jonson - Marionette (2005)

"A late night classic."

K.Alexi Shelby - All For Lee-Sah (1989)

"This was recorded way before Fuse opened its doors, but it helped shaping the club's sound from the beginning."

Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Beginning (Aztec Mix) (1990)

"A Derrick May masterpiece, and an absolute Detroit classic. Hi Tech soul music at its best."

Musicology - Hall Of Mirrors (1991)

"A hidden gem, right out the ‘intelligent techno’ wave that came from England around the mid-90s."

Choice - Acid Eiffel (1993)

"Produced by Laurent Garnier, Ludovic Navarre and Shazz. Garnier played a huge role in Fuse’s history, and this is probably one of his best tracks."

The Blunted Boy Wonder - Metropolis (1997)

"Aka Steve Stoll. The genesis of minimal techno - this one has been hammered by Richie Hawtin back in the days."

.Xtrack – Multiplexor (1995)

"A duo formed by Todd Sines and Daniel Bell. This is a bleepy minimal track that always causes serious dancefloor damage."

Ken Ishii - Extra (1995)

"I chose this one because it’s been one of the first electronic music videos to be broadcasted on MTV, giving more exposure to the growing techno scene at the time."

Carl Craig - At Less (1997)

"A beautiful mix of Detroit strings and jazz grooves, released on the ‘Virtual Sex’ compilation that came out on Belgian label Indisc."

Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies (1997)

"Some techno-infused house by Moodymann."

Gemini - Crossing Mars Remix (1995)

"Gemini aka Spencer Kincy has always been an underrated personality from the house and techno scene. Although he totally disappeared from the radar, he now gained the respect he deserves from the new generation. Some of his records are now sold for crazy prices on Discogs. This one seems to be a Carl Craig version."

Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter (2003)

"Dexter - the track that made Ricardo Villalobos explode. This was also a huge turn for the Fuse sound, as the club started to open up its Saturdays to different genres than just pure techno."

Richard Bartz – Subway (1998)

"Some dark German techno by Richard Bartz on Heiko Laux’ record label Kanzleramt."

DBX - Losing Control (1994)

"To me, this represents the definition of minimalism."

Drexciya - Black Sea (1995)

"A Detroit techno / electro gem by Drexciya, released on Warp Recordings."

Smith ’N’ Hack – For Disco Play Only (2002)

"Aka the German producers Errorsmith and Soundhack. This sounds like a UFO, but it works great on the dancefloor."

The Subjective – Tremmer (1997)

"Aka The Advent, when Mr. G was still involved."

Aril Brikha - Groove La Chord (1998)

"Aril Brikha’s most famous track on Derrick May’s Transmat."

Tata Box Inhibitiors - Plasmids (1994)

"An acid bomb by Dutch duo Jamez and Dobre, who released tons of records in the 90s in different styles and under a lot different monikers."

The Black Dog - Virtual (1989)

"This was released in 1989, sounding way ahead of its time. This was a really hard to find record back in the days – so it has been repressed in 2007."

Vainqueur – Lyot (1992)

"A statement of intent on Moritz von Ostwald’s ‘Maurizio’ label, before he started Basic Channel."

The Martian – Star Dancer (1993)

"Underground Resistance's frontman Mike Banks aka Mad Mike under his ‘The Martian’ moniker - a true Detroit classic."

Red Bull Elektropedia presents Fuse: The History Of Belgium's Premier Techno Club will be available online on February 1. 

Keep an eye on Pierre's whereabouts by following the man's Facebook page. Also, if you'd like to hear all the tracks in 1 continuous playlist, you can follow this link