PHAAAR: Fuse resident Phara starts record label


With a newly announced Fuse residency and the launch of his record label, the future looks bright for this Belgian techno prodigy.

As clubs can welcome ravers again, the Belgian techno scene is healthier than ever (watch our brand new documentary about just that right here). After a long standstill, all those lockdown projects artists have been working on are gradually being announced. And so, the newly announced Fuse resident Phara has launched PHAAAR, a brand new record label dedicated to just his own techno productions. We checked in with the Brussels-based producer to catch up on the latest developments.

As soon as I decided to found my own label, the music just started gushing out.

A record label exclusively dedicated to your own music? Were you not comfortable anymore at other imprints?

“I've always been quite selective choosing where I release my music. When I sent music to labels I liked, I went back to the studio if they didn't like it. Unconsciously, I was adapting my sound to what would suit that particular label. In hindsight, that’s an unforgivable mistake for a purist like me, but I learned a lot by doing so, both technically and musically. As soon as I decided to found my own label, the music just started gushing out. This doesn't mean I won't release on other imprints than my own, but it was exactly the change I needed at the moment.”

Did the lockdown perhaps help you with this step? Or have you taken a break from your career in the past year?

“I'm not the only one for whom the lockdown has been a time of many ups and downs, with inspiration coming and going like the tides. It gave me time and space to think about what I wanted to work towards, press the reset button, and look at everything from a distance. Eventually, this gave me the idea of releasing some tracks myself, which eventually took the form of a permanent label.”

You've been making music as Phara for a good five years now - what direction do you want to go in from here?

“I do have a certain idea of where I want to go or what I want to achieve. Soundwise, I wouldn't dare say where the future will take me. Always using the same approach in the studio or chasing a certain sound is not for me. The great thing about techno, or electronic music in general, is that innovation and renewal have always been at the core. I'm well aware that I won't reinvent the genre. But as new ideas and inspiration come regularly, I know I'll never get bored, keeping all doors open. With this in mind, at PHAAAR, I will never limit myself to just the heavy techno people know me for now.”

I'm going to enjoy the freedom of making music just for myself for a while.

Congratulations on your Fuse residency! How is the gig agenda going?

“That residency has been in the pipeline for a long time, but now it’s finally here. I've been looking forward to this a lot. There are a lot of nice gigs planned throughout Europe, but we are also planning my first tour in Colombia. Then, of course, I will perform at Fuse at least once a month, and I can tell you that, with the whole team behind the scenes, the selection of line-ups has improved a lot!”

What can we expect from PHAAAR in the coming months?

“I'm going to enjoy the freedom of making music just for myself for a while, but I'm not closing the doors on signing other artists one day completely. The first two or three EPs will be dancefloor bangers, which is what we all want (or at least deserve) right now. After that, I have some wild plans with Detroit techno, house, etc. Keep you posted!”

Phara stars in our brand new short documentary about the current techno scene in Belgium. Watch AGE OF TECHNO below: