Party Top 15



Hangar No 7

ft. Âme, Rampue live, Colyn, Maxim Lany and more

From Techno To Techno: Sam Paganini

ft. Sam Paganini, Emily Jeanne, Corvus Ex

Hobbelpaard presents DJ Tennis

ft. DJ Tennis, Cellini, A Local Hero

VK presents Mala & Kode9

ft. Mala, Kode9, Bunzero, Beatsforbeaches

La Cabane presents Chez Damier

ft. Chez Damier, Bendrik, Toolate Groove

Club Vaag presents Extrawelt

ft. Extrawelt live, Axel Haube, Bocain

Fuse presents Claptone

ft. Claptone, Mandana, Leesa, Bocain and more

6 Years Trillers

ft. Jaël, Le Motel, Faisal, Eagl, $keer&Boo$ and more

Artefact Night: Casual Gabberz

ft. Casual Gabberz, Hantrax, Phillip Jondo

C12 x Club Trax

ft. Perc, Shxcxhcxsh, Hadone, Cleveland

5 Years Klank

ft. Adana Twins, Undercatt, Senses of Mind, Notoir

Zodiak presents Derrick May

ft. Derrick May, Herton, Latence, Lait De Coco and many more

MOM explores

ft. Yung Nnelg, Black Mamba, Mom's Sound Sequence

WeZienWel x Tom Trago

ft. Tom Trago, LXNGTN, Thang, WLC

Vice City presents DJ Nomad

ft. DJ Nomad, Arno Lemons, Lil Lawaw and more

Party Top 15