Party Top 15



Flashforward presents Ben Sims & Mark Broom

ft. Ben Sims B2B Mark Broom, Fabrice Lig, Cédric

5 Years SPEK

ft. Marlon Hoffstadt, DJ City, Lil Lawaw, Sixsixsixties

C12 presents Anthony Rother

ft. Anthony Rother, Volruptus live, Datawave, Krasius & Nidrev

Radiant. showcase with Oxia

ft. Oxia, Super Flu, Nico Morano, Black Circle

Bloody Louis 6 Year Anniversary with Rema

ft. Rema, Ritchie Santos, Zoey Hasselbank and more

Dirty Movies Dirty Dancing

ft. Olivier Tjon & Hush Hefner

FFORMATT Story Night: Acting Press

ft. Hashman Deejay, PLO Man, INTe*ra

Club Cabane presents Elias Mazian

ft. Elias Mazian, Kong, Max Telear

Fuse presents Jane Fitz

ft. Jane Fitz, Walrus, Davy

Club Détour

ft. Danielle, Miss Jay, Crat & Offshore §, Soumaya Phéline and more

Hard Harder Hardst

ft. Dyen, Nico Moreno, Volunt Barbati

Ghoststyle presents Vinyl Only

ft. Cherry Moon Legends (Youri Parker B2B DJ Ghost) and many more

Café Central Invites Paul Seul

ft. Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz), Lee Roy, Blanche

From Athens to Brussels with love

ft. Pasiphae, Noff Weezy, Azo, Alix, Bora Bora

BRUIS Show 004

ft. DJ Insecure, Jewels, Og Push & DJ Sacur

Party Top 15