Party Top 15



Flashforward presents Breakbot

ft. Breakbot, Yuksek, His Dudeness

C12 presents Function, Surgeon & Jayda G

ft. Function, Surgeon, Jayda G, AliA, Kafim

The Gardens Of Babylon Antwerp

ft. &ME, Brina Knauss, Deer Jade, Vander

Kompass invites Henrik Schwarz & Konstantin Sibold

ft. Henrik Schwarz & Konstantin Sibold, Sheridan

Fuse presents KiNK, ATEQ & Molly

ft. KiNK, ATEQ, Molly, Pierre and many more

Labyrinth Club on tour at Ampere

ft. Adriatique, Kapibara, David Kochs, Senses of Mind

Autobahn invites Joris Delacroix

ft. Joris Delacroix, DkA, O.D. Math, Maslan

2019-11-29 Knokke Out Waterloo, Chaussée de Tervuren 389, Waterloo

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ft. Chaos in the CBD, WLC, Herder

Steez: Club Suave x Kofii Pauze

ft. Tera Kora, Kirou Kirou, Kevin Kofii and many more

Club Vaag invites Amine Edge & DANCE

ft. Amine Edge & DANCE

Stygian's River presents Cerberus

ft. Phase Fatale, Tommy Holohan, Phara, Parallel Circuit and more

nacht met Mirror Zone Label

ft. DJ Ungel, Spekki Webu, JEANS, Vetor Trancer, Woody'92

Soulful Sessions

ft. Masalo, Sixsixsixties, DJ Peugeot

Free Indoor Rave with Coincidence Records

ft. SHDW & Obscure Shape, Axel Picodot and many more

Lefto x Red D All Night Long

ft. Lefto B2B Red D all night long

Party Top 15