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10 Years Thé Dansant - Top Gun

ft. Joyhauser, Axel Haube, Caspar & Don Cabron and many more

2019-08-31 Aérodome de Namur, Rue du Capitaine Aviateur Jacquet 44, Namur

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Geheimzinnig Open Air 2019

ft. Adriyano, Black Loops, Jan Van Kampen and many more


ft. Paramida, Timmerman, Fais Le Beau, Sixsixsixties

C12 x Ojoo present

ft. Answer Code Request, TR-101 live, Audio Werner and more

6 Jaar Hobbelpaard

ft. Moscoman, Cellini, John Noseda

Feiern Summerbash

ft. Titia, Gurl, Derdenne and many more


ft. San Soda, Timmerman, Niels Kenis

Mont Désir

ft. Attari B2B DC Salas 12 hour set

Kofii Pauze

ft. Eagl, Kevin Kofii, August Mae

Feeërieën 2019 x Hyperdub15

ft. Kode9, Scratcha DVA, DJ Taye

Forest Sounds Festival

ft. Jungle By Night, Martha Da'ro, Saudade and many more

Leaf Open Air

ft. Bjeor, Lola Haro, Holgerson, Kim Kenis and more

ZODIAK Reopening

ft. Slam, Nathan Oye, Xact, Klengmann and more

Konvooi by Night

ft. Alfred Anders, Slimfit and more

Love Is In The Air x Aperodroom

ft. Attari, Belben, Touzani

Party Top 15