Paradise City Festival will host an exclusive floating edition

Pictures by Fille Roelants & Marin Stas


On July 1 and 2, only 200 people will be able to enjoy sets by Âme, Beraadgeslagen, Charlotte Adigéry (and more) from their personal rafts.

When it became clear summer festivals could not take place, the Paradise City team started looking for alternative (and socially responsible) ways to bring public and artists together. Today, they are proud to announce two intimate boat parties. However, it's not what you might think. To make sure social distancing measures are respected, no less than 25 different rafts will be floating on the moat surrounding the idyllic Ribaucourt Castle - the usual setting of Paradise City Festival. These rafts are specifically made to safely and comfortably hold up to eight spectators (including two spacious wooden benches, a storage box/table, and 11 square meter surface). In total, access to these concerts and DJ-sets is limited to a maximum of 200 people. For everyone else, there will be a professional live stream, including virtual rafts and an interactive festival. Another bonus: this festival will run entirely on solar energy.

As for the lineup, the list of confirmed artists doesn't look too shabby: Âme (live), Beraadgeslagen, Charlotte Adigéry, DTM Funk, Leafar Legov (live) and Lola Haro. Âme, Leafar Legov and DTM Funk will play July 1, Charlotte Adigéry, Beraadgeslagen and Lola Haro will play July 2.

This Paradise City Festival edition is free of charge, but only 50 people (i.e. 25 per day) will be able to get a ticket. Each of them will be allowed to bring seven friends from their social bubble. Anyone can register here. 50 winners will be drawn at random. Good luck!