Paradise Down by the Lake prepares a second edition on a new location


Dozens of rowing boats, amazing selectors and an idyllic location are the key ingredients for the second edition spread over 19 sessions between May 1 and June 6.

In September 2020, the Paradise City Festival team launched their new concept, Paradise Down by the Lake. The project creatively countered the lockdown challenges with a beautiful lakeside location and private boats for the visitors. Today, they have announced round two, taking place in 19 different sessions between May 1 and June 6.

How does it work? Visitors can reserve a private rowing boat for a group of eight – especially designed for the occasion with comfortable seating and space to dance. In total, there is a maximum of 50 rafts, setting the maximum capacity of each event at 400 people. The DJ booth will be placed in a beautiful pavilion on the shores of the lake, with artists playing downtempo and ambient DJ-sets and live performances.

For the first time, the promoters move to Park van Beervelde, a beautiful lakeside oasis of nature and tranquillity, right between Ghent and Antwerp. Paradise Down by the Lake is fully COVID-19 proof; the organisation will apply a strict safety matrix and adapt their bar and toilet services accordingly. In case the maximum amount of bubble contacts will be lowered, so will each boat's capacity. Every raft is designed to allow at least one meter of space between the other.

Something to keep in mind here; if you expect a regular Paradise City event, you might leave disappointed. At Paradise Down by the Lake, nature and relaxation remain the event’s crucial elements. All DJ sets and live performances will sound calmer than usual (think: the easy-going sides of electronic music, like ambient, jazz fusion, downtempo, etc.) to fit with the rustic environment.

But that hasn’t stopped the Paradise City team from booking a stellar lineup. Amongst the confirmed names:

The sessions will be hosted by these partners:

Giegling, Moodfamily, Splen, Snaak, Amigo, Funke, C12, Klub Dramatik, Crevette Records, Basic Moves, Contrair, Curfew and Wezienwel.

In practice, Paradise Down by the Lake will host 19 different sessions. From 5 PM until midnight on Fridays, from 2 PM until midnight on Saturdays and from 2 PM until 11 PM on Sundays. You can only book per boat (no separate tickets), but you can pay in different instalments if you prefer. Should your event be cancelled, you will automatically receive a refund. The location has been booked until mid-June, allowing for flexibility should any events be postponed.

To comply with Paradise City’s high sustainability standards, the organisation doesn't allow the use of engines in any form while maintaining a strict zero-waste policy.