With Opposites, we show a different - opposite - side of Belgian artists as they let us in their personal bubble and showcase five of their favorite tracks, completely opposite of what they’re known for.

"I’m always extra motivated when people offer me a platform to share music I listen to at home, other than dance music. It’s a difficult task at the same time, as it is impossible for me to give you my top 5 all time favourites, life changers, influences… Every song has personal value for each individual: it can throw you instantly back to that specific summer moment of ’97, the first time you got goosebumps, that time you got stuck in the traffic and it pounded out of the speakers, that time when MTV was still a music channel with Toby Amies his show called ‘Alternative Nation’. I’ve always had an infinite predilection for rock music. The ability of a band to create such an energy in rock music, kicking these distortion pedals to reach a higher level in the chorus, drummer hits the open hi hat or smashes the ride symbal: THAT is what makes me love rock music. I LOVE drummers! During a live gig, I watch the drummer 80% of the time how they carry the band."

Kyuss - Asteroid

"There is no favourite Kyuss track. I picked this one of its energy and you can’t predict what’s gonna happen. No vocals by frontman John Garcia, but heavy riffs by Josh Homme (yes, later he formed Queens of the Stone Age indeed!) and Scott Reeder on the bass. ‘Welcome to the Valley’ is his first album since he joined the band as he replaced Nick Oliveri (also joining Queens later on). This is Stoner Rock!  Need to thank my homie Stefan Bracke for this one and many other discoveries. We’ve been playing in an electronic rock band called Foxylane. After rehearsals or a long day in the studio, we stayed inside and listened to a lot of music. As we were so used to the sound of the speakers in the studio, we simply wanted to share the tracks we love on that sound system.  Probably developed my ear damage that period..."

The Beatles - Dear Prudence

"Written in India during their ‘meditation period’, recorded in London. I love its simplicity swirling in the psychedelica by that time. Weird that I can’t find the original version wíth drums on YouTube though... Paul McCartney played the drums in that one while Ringo left the band temporarily. But here’s the demo version, which is also magical! Experimenting with recording that time must've been amazing. If I’m not mistaken, I even think the first time a reversed guitar was recorded on a track was by Paul McCartney. Also, you should check how 10CC recorded ‘I’m not in Love’ in the studio. Lovely footage!"

The Streets - It's Too Late

"Best album of The Streets in my opinion. 2Step/Garage was huge but was made for the dance floor. Mike Skinner turned it into an amazing trip spread over 14 tracks. He personalizes many of that generation (including me): lost love, gained succes, sleeping over in the couch of your friend(s), heart broken, failing, bad food, bounding with friends, being creative, getting high, … This album is raw, bloody honest and opened doors voor Audio Bullys. Action speaks louder than words, stand by me my apprentice, be brave, clenched fists!"

Nine Inch Nails - We're In This Together

"An after midnight MTV discovery. I got totally blown away by the power of the balance between music/lyrics/video. This is the first N.I.N. track from the album The Fragile I got in touch with. Afterwards, my friend Stefan introduced me to their earlier work: The Downward Spiral - both masterpieces. Combining all kinds of instruments and producing techniques: rock, industrial, acoustic piano, electro, strings, distortion, heavy lyrics, … Best rock band I’ve ever seen live!"

dEUS - Hotellounge

"The perfect closing track for a fantastic cult album. First time I’ve heard of dEUS was by a cover band back at school during lunch-break. They were playing Suds n Soda, and invited a girl to play on the violin (it was a boys college, so having a girl over was pretty special). That same band wrote a schoolmagazine called A-Melkje, dissing teachers - propaganda style. Album reviews for Soulwax's first EP, Evil Superstars, Dildo Warheads and, of course, dEUS. They described the instruments that were used to record their debut album, which was quite impressive and new to me: metalophone, timpani, gas heating, steel plate, ..."

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