With Opposites, we show a different - opposite - side of Belgian artists as they let us in their personal bubble and showcase five of their favorite tracks, completely opposite of what they’re known for.

“I grew up speaking french at home and my father was a fan of everything French, which resulted in the fact that he would always play French chansons every morning. Here are some songs that I’ve been listening to. It’s not a guilty pleasure, I really like these songs, each of them for the message and vibe behind them…”

Jacques Brel - On n’oublie rien

He’s definitely one of the voices and icons of my hometown Brussels. His message was more or less on point every time and listening to him when I’m away from home helps me not being homesick.

France Gall - Les yeux bleus

France is the voice that would wake me up every morning around 7.15AM. Her soft voice and love songs introduced me to French chansons.

Dalida - Paroles, paroles

For some reason, I got late into her music. Maybe because I thought as a kid that she was a man, so i felt bad listening to her. Although she isn’t a man, she’s a special character, and her voice has a special accent as her roots are Egyptian-Italian.

Pauline Croze - Quand je suis ivre

Camille - Senza

Pauline and Camille represent that new generation of French artists, using the vocabulary to make something beautiful and poetic. In the case of Camille, she even uses her voice to add sounds and effects to her music. She has a record called “le file” which has a tone from the beginning to the end of the album and everything she sings and adds to that tone becomes a beautiful song.