Pictures by Mayli Sterkendries


With Opposites, we show a different - opposite - side of Belgian artists as they let us in their personal bubble and showcase five of their favorite tracks, completely opposite of what they’re known for.

"We, Niels Kenis and Niels Cosemans, have been playing various sets together under the moniker Gewelt since 2013. We don’t tend to stick to one genre: funk, soul, disco, house, italo, acid, breakbeat, techno, .. Nevertheless, when we’re not whipping the wheels of steel, we also like to listen to punk, pop, rock, hip hop or even Radio Klara In the car! So it’s nice to share some of our favorite tracks that we don’t play on our gigs."

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving

"An absolutely magical track that we first heard on when Jamie came through at Pukkelpop 2015. Initially, we thought a nice catchy single, but when Jamie blew it through the speakers at the Dance Hall we were completely mesmorized. What a feeling! Instant goosebumps when we reminisce about that moment, because the man surprised us in every way that night, which we honestly didn't expect!"

Roméo Elvis ft. Caballero - Bruxelles Arrive

"We could've just picked a track by Tyler The Creator, or another world-famous hip hop legend, but, f*ck that. Roméo Johnny Kiki Elvis is ours (Belgian) and the man's a hero! We have been playing quite a lot outside our own region lately, and when we pass BXL, we always play this track the car. At the 2016 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, he was still a noble unknown to many folks from Flanders. Now, he has already conquered the whole of Belgium and beyond. His live performances are a delight to watch."

The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward

"We've got to know The Streets in our puberty years. Dubstep was 'hot' that tume, and suddenly there was the magnificent remix of 'Blinded by the lights'. Dubstep has been pushed back in our memories in the meantime, but we are still big fans of The Streets. This 'Let's Push Things Forward', together with 'Weak Become Heroes' are our favorite tracks of these Brits."

Balthazar - Blood Like Wine

"Yes, indeed, we love bands too! And definitely Belgian bands. This is by far the favorite Belgian band of Cosemans. With his side project 'Te Veujl Diskjockeys', 'Blood Like Wine' has also been featured regularly in his playlist. Ideal for closing a rock set."

Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

"Taking a breather is also necessary. On our way home after a gig, we prefer to put on some easy going tunes. This Eddie Vedder track is one of the regulars at those moments. Actually, the entire soundtrack of the 'best movie ever' 'Into The Wild' absolutely amazing. Which really didn't help at all to pick only one of the tracks. For those who do not know the movie: shame on you! Plan a quiet night in the couch and check it out. Wanna bet you want to leave for a road trip afterwards?"