Arno Lemons


With Opposites, we show a different - opposite - side of Belgian artists as they let us in their personal bubble and showcase five of their favorite tracks, completely opposite of what they’re known for.

Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood - Sour Soul

"Ahhh.. the pure sound of being rock bottom. I always listen to this album whenever I have to do an assignment which will take me all night to finish. I’m absolutely not a casual hip hop fan, but on every rule you have exceptions. Ghostface Killah (& MF Doom) are such examples, and especially combined with Badbadnotgood. This opening track (at least, the first one after the intro) translates the feeling of emptiness to me, which allows me to move again whenever I don’t have any sense of space no more and feeling stuck in my head. Describe it as the perfect cure for a writer’s block or when you have a lack of courage."

Rage Against the Machine - Calm Like a Bomb

"The taste of puberty always comes upon my tongue whenever I hear The Rage through my speakers. It was my most listened CD from my dad’s collection - now that I mention it; I listened more to those 2 CDs by Rage Against The Machine than I listened to my dad. Perfect for those unjustified days where everyone is against you at school and you just want to hit everyone in the face. Shame I only started growing up when I was 17, so I kept my anger inside myself and headbanged it out at my dad’s office. It was also my first concert ever without my parents (2008 @ Sportpaleis) and it just blew my mind. Zach De La Rocha is live even better than on CD, and what Tom Morello does on a guitar, is out of this world, not even Jimmy can cut it. I perfectly remember jumping into the moshpit at the beginning of "Calm like a bomb”, and boy, I still feel the pain. (never did a moshpit again)"

Kromestar - Healing With Time

"This one reminds me to those deeper dubstep times, which made me start organizing parties in Antwerp. I was fond of that deeper sound from around 2006, but I’ll be honest; I was too late and too young to have known that movement from the start. I could've pick a classic one from DMZ or Skream, instead, I chose for this one which was released in 2012 by Kromestar - also one of the originators. I’ve booked Ricky (Kromestar) earlier that year for only 50 euro’s cash and a hotelroom, because he wanted to push a young talent named Dark Tantrums. To receive him in Antwerp was such a treat! However, the reason of this track (and the whole album actually) is truly a sad  story; in June, he lost his new born child by disease. Not really sure what it was to be honest, but these tracks are  a reminiscence to his “young lion”. I really like all tracks on the album, but especially this one. They all respect the original dubstep sound, despite its release in 2012, when all dubstep releases were already fucked up by the newer “filth” scene (thanks to f*ckers like Skrillex, Borgore and others)

It also reminds me to the Belgian scene, which by that time got divided up in other genres. Some still try to get that deep sound in their product, others became a stereotype of what they used to hate in those times, funny how time works really."

Worstenbroodje Paradise - Turnhout, Het Alabama Van België ft. Novgrod

"Without wanting to, I have been chosen to be the manager of this ugly product from the deep Limburg where a “long hamburger” actually is a hotdog and where everybody sings their sentences instead of saying them. Worstebroodje’s first album was released on a round piece of sanding paper, titled “De Bomen Aanvallen Mij”(the trees are attacking me) and described as “Conceptueel sterk maar onluisterbaar” (conceptually strong but unlistenable). Their second album (where this track is from) is released digitally and can be downloaded on their Bandcamp page. I can’t say i’m proud about being their manager, but it sure is exciting. The 2 members of WP play in multiple other projects, but find themselves in the most interesting scene from that region; the noise scene. Bands as El Yunque, Novgrod, Blaegger, De Parabel Van De Leeuw, Zwembaden In De Lift, Shpijtkop, De RALLY Van Finland and many other variants all reside in an old Rudolf Steiner school which is called “De Baraque”. Only pure dadaism with a big dose of bullshit comes out this beautiful place of agony filled with misfits. Truly a must know about music culture from this ugly part of Belgium. The track I chose describes a place which is discussable if it really exists or not, named Turnhout, also known as the Alabama of Belgium."

Doe Maar - Pa

"Maybe the best thing my stepmother thought me when I was around 13 years old, which is funny because she listened to it for years as pop music, and when I heard it I instantly said “wow, nice dutch reggae music!”. I’m always pretty sceptic when it comes to dutch vocals, and Vicky (my stepmother) did not like dutch vocals either. But Doe Maar was for her an exception on the rule. These guys bring such a brilliant mix of pop and reggae in a new-wavey jacket which even I wanted to wear, despite i’m not a pop or new wave fan at all. The reggae part really had me I guess, and specifically the bass guitar and the chords really tickled my nipples. The lyrics of Pa are about rebellion against parents, doing your own thing if they like or understand it or not, and I’m afraid for my elders that I listened more to these tracks than to my mom, dad and stepmother together. Anyway, the message I want to share with this track is that there is a moment in life you can’t listen to your parents anymore. You need to do things on your own way on a certain point. they can guide/help/support you but they need to let you loose at some point. Doe Maar is the perfect remedy for uncertain adolescents going hardcore into puberty and are really hating life as it is right now. It helped me trough the rough days and enjoy the better days. They also have a track about how to grow weed, but that’s a whole other story."

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*Picture by Thor Salden