Open air extraordinaire: Moonday teams up with ABSTRKT


Synergy. Or as the dictionary explains it: The interactions of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Synergy is an effect which isn’t only discovered in music production, but also increasingly in event management. On Sunday April 30, two renowned organizations rooted Ghent nightlife are joining forces to create a memorable open air afternoon. As we’re quite familiar with ABSTRKT and Moonday, we’re sure you won’t want to miss out on this one. We sat down with Gilles ‘Lebawski’ De Bruyne (Moonday) and Aristide Bandora (ABSTRKT).

So, what brought Moonday & ABSTRKT together?

"Well, both concepts were considering a next step. The ABSTRKT team already had the idea to return to the Rozenbroeken location for a new event and Moonday also saw an opportunity for an open-air event. Thus so the negotiations began. From the start, it was obvious we were on the same page - our vision and our conceptual and artistic view flowed together. We soon concluded that a melting pot of our concepts could lead to an unforgettable afternoon."

What can we expect?

"The event will more likely be inspired by ABSTRKT, which means the focus will be on qualitative unconventional music, with an eye for artistic detail. Furthermore, there will be a chill-out zone where you can peacefully enjoy some background music or dig in on some snacks provided by the food stands. Later, we will increase the music’s pace, and while the sun sets, Moonday will let the moon shine ever so bright."

You are both known for the use of eye catching deco. What are the plans there?

"This year, we will spend a lot of detail in designing a proper stage. The location itself has already been a breeding ground for many successful parties, which isn’t a surprise with such an area. Of course, we will focus on honoring the natural environment."

Last but certainly not least: Who is playing?

"Well, for this special occasion we’ve also got some special headliners! First, we have 2 Amsterdam-heroes a.k.a. Detroit Swindle. Their sets are drenched in indispensable grooves which make you scream for more. Additionally, we’ve invited Sidney Charles, from Berlin, who has some very strong productions to his name and his DJ-sets are full of positive energy. The Bombossa Brothers - twin brothers from Estonia - will also be joining us at the open-air event. We’ve also added several locals to our lineup: Thang is someone who has the required experience to take our party to a new level with his cross-genre sets. To start and end the party on a right note, myself (Lebawski) and Nelson will be bringing a back to back session. And for those who just can’t stop, there will be an after party at the infamous Decadance!"

More info and tickets for the open air event are just one click away.

Keep an eye on Moonday and ABSTRKT!

Open air extraordinaire