No genres, no expectations, no strings attached: Meet Madou

Pictures by Kelly De Block


Jochen Sablon & Vincent De Boeck are no strangers to the Belgian electronic music scene. After a hiatus of reflection, the duo recovered their enjoyment in music and now they’re ready to present the outcome of their recent shenanigans. With the new moniker Madou, the duo is set to bring house which touches you right in the feels. To celebrate the release of their first single, ‘Nowhere Else‘, Madou called for their first Sunday Session, an enjoyable afternoon with freshly roasted coffee and some laid back tunes. 

You both participated in a few musical projects in the past. What caused the spark to create Madou?

"We’ve been around indeed. We were lucky to get some really great opportunities, learned a lot from them, but most of all we had a lot of fun doing so. That was also the main reason we decided to get a break. The main focus wasn’t on the fun anymore and we both felt it was best to do some other stuff. After about 2 years we both felt the urge to just make some music together again. No strings, no expectations. We sat down in the studio together, everything went very smoothly and spontaneous, so it felt right. A few sessions later we had some tracks we were happy with."

I would say your music is fit to play for the dancefloor as well as in the living room. Would you agree? What are your main influences that make for this?

"Agreed! We didn't have any premises in mind when making the music. The only benchmark is that we had to like it ourselves. We both enjoy a good night out but we equally enjoy good coffee on sunday hence our Sunday Session at MOK. Just a fun get together at a place we enjoy going to and play records we like. It’s as simple as that."

A new project is usually accompanied by ambitious plans. What are these for Madou?

"We try not to have too many plans, we just want to keep producing the tracks and sounds we like. Collaborate with a bunch of people that we meet along the way. It shouldn’t only be musicians, it could be photographers, designers, chefs,… We want to be creative with like-minded people."

Are there any plans to take Madou on stage? Would you prefer a live or DJ-set?

"It would be nice to keep working on music and eventually play it live. We both dj’ed a lot too, so we will probably do some DJ-sets, but the goal is to play live."

Your first single, 'Nowhere Else', is being released on exclusive flexidiscs with unique artwork. What’s the story behind it?

"The artwork is by a tattoo artist/illustrator we both love. Jochen has a tattoo done by him and we asked him if he does artwork too. He’s a perfect example of the kind of people we love and collaborate with. We initially planned to do a vinyl release but we came across flexidiscs and immediately loved them. They are a bit odd, but that makes them fun."

Imagine you get carte blanche to compile your own festival with exclusively Belgian acts. Which acts would feature on the bill?

"Faisal, Vuurwerk, Lefto, Phasm, Zwangere Guy, Romeo Elvis, DC Salas, Le Motel, Haring, Ulysse, Soulwax, and many more we are probably forgetting."

Discover more about Madou on their Facebook page.

Interested in winning one of those exclusive ’Nowhere Else' flexidiscs? Send an email with "GIVE ME THAT FLEXIDISC" as subject. The first 20 contenders win a copy!