Niveau 4 reveals names for XXL edition

Pictures by Yaqine Hamzaoui


Back in 2016, Couleur Café started the Niveau 4, a project that unites a wide array of homegrown rappers from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels in one unique show. Voices like Roméo Elvis, Coely, Zwangere Guy and Brihang have all joined the platform over the previous three years, proving that unity makes strength (which not coincidentally is Belgium’s national motto). This year, Niveau 4 switches to a higher gear with the addition of 2 jazz bands that will add some powerful live flavour to the show. Commander Spoon and ECHT! provide the music, while Miss Angel, Venlo, Jay MNG, Juicy, Eleven’ and Luie Louis are bringing their heaviest bars. In effect, you can expect all artists to perform together, bring new tracks and tear the house down.