New Video: STIKSTOF – Frontal (360° Video)

Pictures by Jaqine Hamzaoui


The boys from Brussels go all-out VR in their newest music video.

‘Frontal’, the most recent track of the Brussels-based hip-hop collective STIKSTOF has just been released with a banging 360° music video. Taking place entirely in the Skoda of Deejay Vega, this video has a personal touch to it. “We basically use this car for everything, from driving to shows to getting to the studio.”: explains STIKSTOF member Paulo aka Astrofisiks. “The viewers are entirely free to do whatever they want in this video. They can just watch everything pass along, or investigate and look around themselves”.

Sharing the title of this track with their own record label, ‘Frontal’ represents more than just a title. Paulo elaborates: “Besides this tune and our own label, this is the name of our studio and our weekly radio show on BRUZZ each Thursday. STIKSTOF may be just our collective, but Frontal is our whole family. This is a wink to everyone around us.

As for the future, we’re left in the dark about the details of a possible new album. “This track will be part of the next album for sure, but we have no idea how that is going to look like. We will let this grow spontaneously”: says Paulo. But there is some good news to share: STIKSTOF seems to be working a lot in the studio nowadays – and a whole bunch of interesting shows are about to go live. “All the coming live shows will have new material, so keep your eyes peeled”, he adds in his final comment. See you guys on the front row!

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