New on Spotify: NO CAP playlist by Ritchie Santos


The sound from the streets, 100% homegrown, handpicked by the best hip hop selectors in the game. First up: Ritchie Santos.

If there’s one sound that rules the nation nowadays, it’s hip hop. New talent sprouts from all corners of the country before you can blink. In this playlist, we highlight some of the most enchanting head-bops from this generation. Rap, trap, drill, R&B: anything goes in NO CAP, as long as it’s homegrown and certified fresh. First up: Ritchie Santos.

Ritchie is no stranger to the Brussels hip hop scene. As the main man behind the decks across hip hop events across the nation, Mr. Santos knows how to make a crowd turn up real good. Frequently tagging along Damso as his DJ and manager, his eye for quality music is unmatched. With a selection that includes Hamza, Frenetik and YG Pablo, how can you go wrong? This list is all killer no filler. This list is straight up no cap.