Red Bull Elektropedia: Never Leave Home Without It 16 - Cabasa


When the name of a mix series sums it up...

DJs contributing to this series present a mix of tracks they never leave home without when they go out playing.
These can be the DJ's signature tunes or his all-time favorites but also more than that. Some records are just always in their bag (or on their USB stick) but somehow never get played. Sometimes because the vibe is not right. Sometimes they don't fit for the slot, venue or crowd. The DJ may not be too sure about them (yet) or just plain simply forget to play them - time and time again.

In this mix series, these tracks get heard.

Number 16 by Cabasa.

"As the name of the series indicates, this is a selection of tracks I never go to a gig without. From the most efficient techno dj tool (Tadeo - The Perseus Fights) to the most complex rhythms (Squane & Rees - Aphotic) and a beatless track (Banshee - High Let Me Fly), I believe each of them have a great potential to build different atmospheres in the club. However, even though the styles vary, I didn’t picked up the tracks randomly and tried to keep a common theme all along the mix.”


01. LBNHRX - Work Against Africa [Th!n Consolation]
02. N1L - Jaget Och Maskerna [Where To Now?]
03. Black Merlin - Vision Animal [Ancient Monarchy]
04. Cabasa - Aquaris Monopole [forthcoming NoSR]
05. Paleman - Talk Louder [PLMN]
06. Squane x Rees - Automotonic [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
07. Batu - Whisper [Timedance]
08. Batu - Marius [Hessle Audio]
09. General Ludd - Molycorp Mountain Pass [Ten Thousand Yen]
10. Yak - Mido [Version]
11. Kowton - Iodine [Livity Sound]
12. Yilan - Bayon [unreleased]
13. Tadeo - The Perseus Fights [Non Series]
14. Divided - Black Swallower [Project 13 MCR]
15. Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X [Murder Capital]
16. Peev - Inflict [NoSR]
17. Pessimist - Inner Circle [Osiris]
18. Yilan - Devil’s Breath [unreleased]
19. Banshee - High Let Me Fly [BAN001]
20. Squane x Rees - Aphotic [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]