Masterklass #55: Deepfreeze Jazz by AliA


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Enjoy this Masterklass by AliA in our number fifty five!

"It's like you put different vegetables from the freezer in the steamer so you become a groovy hot jazz sound, tasty with funky basslines & electronic soundscapes. I really like the freedom of improvisation in Jazz and that's also why it's unpredictable. I like the sound of West London, it comes from the streets and that triggers the creativity."


Prequel - Saints
Neue Grafik - Gorge De Loup
Henry Wu - All Over ft. Dziko
Simon Grey - Takuma ft. Alana
Jazzanova - Theme From Belle Et Fou ft. Danny Krivit
Frits Wentink - Theme 04
Replika - Killer Fonk From Outer Space
Kaidi Tatham - I'm High
Prequel - Lefty 
Agent K - Feed The Cat
SofaTalk - Adjacent Tones
Black Milk & Nat Turner - The Knock 
Wayne Snow - Red Runner (remix)
Swindle - Purple Walls
Louie Vega - Till I Found (Dj spen & Karizma)
Kaidi Tatham - The Blue Room
Kay Suzuki - Something To Say
IMYRMiND - Pony lungz
MJ Cole - Watertight 
Bluey - My Seventhy Three ft. Ski Oakenfull
Prequel - Walken
Henry Wu & Tito Wun - Don Müller
Monomite - Innocence
Lunice & The Alchemist - Clear
Kordz - Something