Masterklass #54: Story of a Golden Age by Phi-Phi


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Enjoy this Masterklass by Phi-Phi in our number fifty four!

"Summarizing the path and style of an artist like Phi-Phi in just one mixtape is impossible. Since 1985 Phi-Phi has been 'living' in the most famous clubs in Belgium such as At The Villa, Cirao, Boccaccio, Fuse, Extreme, Barocco,.. when the electronic music scene started to become popular. He was a pioneer as a DJ and had the luck to have a huge & loyal fanbase in Belgium.
Phi Phi compiled a mix of unknown tracks & well-known tunes to represent golden age of Belgium's nightlife scene. He picked tracks that got released in between 1993 & 1996 and mixed these fluently. Quite simple: this is the reason of Phi Phi's popularity."


1 - Spacebuggy - Spacebuggy
2 - Renaissance - The Sect Of The Sea
3 - Humate - 3.2 (Original Mix)
4 - L.S.G. - Netherworld (DJ Randy’s Smoke Mix)
5 - Resistance D - Throm 03
6 - Phi Phi & Greg D - Odyssey Of Love EP
7 - Jam & Spoon - Odyssey To Anyoona
8 - Borgia - Mandrake