Masterklass #53: The West Coast Sound of Holland by Bjeor


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"This mixtape is based on 'The West Coast Sound of Holland'.
Den Haag & Rotterdam are the go-to metropolitan areas when you're talking about electro, acid & techno music. Labels like Bunker Records, Viewlexx, Murder Capital and Clone Records -of course- and artists like I-F, Legowelt, Unit Moebius and DJ Overdose have left their footprints there in the past.
A new generation is ready to conquer the scene with their innovative, yet original raw electronic sounds. Need examples? Look through the discography of BAKK, Nous'Klaer Audio & Pinkman Records. Don't forget to keep an eye on producers like Oceanic, Identified Patient & Haron.
I've tried to make a flawless mix of older and newer sounds from The Netherlands' West Coast to guide you through the wondrous world of 'The West Coast Sound of Holland'."


Dickie Smatters & The Moerwijk Crew - FC Den Haag (Dumb Terminal)
Antenna - Odessa (Pinkman)
Mark Du Mosch - Broke Day (SD Records)
Endfest - Seutek Boogie Boy (A Tribute To Cor Vaandrager)(Moustache Records)
A Visitor From Another Meaning - Hills Of Honolulu (Viewlexx)
O.C. - Loving (Nous’Klaer Audio)
Aroy Dee - The Planets (MOS Recordings)
I-F - Torment (Viewlexx)
Legowelt - Nuisance Lover (Bunker Records)
Versalife - Pathogen (Trust)
Gesloten Cirkel - When It’s Late (Murder Capital)
Haron - Rotate (Jeremiah R Remix) (BAKK)
Cyber People - Void Vision (Memory Records)
Electronome - Untitled (Interr-Ference Communications)
Tandy Ogmo - Everybody (Viewlexx)