Masterklass #51: Belgian Boogie Bangers by Nicholas Lewis


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Enjoy this Masterklass by Nicholas Lewis in our number fifty one!

"Enjoy my Belgian Boogie Bangers Masterklass with unlikely Belgian boogie bangers, from prom-perfect slow jams to dancefloor-certified heavy hitters."



Jobby Lynn – Dreaming of you
Mac Evans – Woman
Plastic Bertrand – New York Remix 82: Stop ou encore
Charms – Giving it up
Bibi Bobo – Do it (Instrumental)
Cinq Chevaux – Try to, Try to
Cheyne – Call me ‘Mr’ telephone
Alec Mansion – Ou est-tu
Yvvy – Bien dans ta peau
Telex – The voice
Telex – I don’t like music
Telex – Basta
Noise Abroad – Vent that spleen
The systems – Saturday night
Nervous night gang - Cruising