Highway High: N663 by David Body


Highway High is a mixtapes series bringing you the perfect soundtrack for all your late night driving. Think of it as sonic cruise control.

Number eleven by David Body.

"I’m going back to my roots with this mixtape: the N663 is a road I take every day. I'll drive it when I'll have to go to my work in Liège, to go partying, to go deejaying, to sport,.. I'll even use it to listen to music only. Speakers on max and go!
I think I take this road 15 times a week. So, the least I can say it's my road :)
You'll hear some new and older spacey disco tunes. I just love those sounds from arpeggio's and 80's synths. I fell in love with this kind of music when I heard the BBC Essential Mix of Lindstrom and Prince Thomas in 2007.
Oh, do you recognize the first track? It's used for the 2016 Best Netflix Serie. And.. watch out, I always cry when I hear Aeroplane's Big Boys Don't Cry.. Hope you won't!"



Luke Million - Stranger things
Labtracks - Breakout
Todd Terje - Preben goes to acapulco
IKO & gibb - Praying mantis
Rival Consoles Odyssey
Chordashian - Call me
Breaks africa - Fragile
Aeroplane - Big boys don’t cry
Joakim - Labyrinth
Asa Moto - Make me prada
Scattle - Knock Knock
Black Van - Express
Roman Salzger - Alpha centauri
Sugardady - How long (Tensnake remix)
NTEIBINT - A baby for my bass
PBR Streetgang - Return to page (Tuff City Kids remix)