Highway High: A8 by Raw District


Highway High is a mixtapes series bringing you the perfect soundtrack for all your late night driving. Think of it as sonic cruise control.

Number ten by Raw District.

Massimo: "I’ve read somewhere that drivers who listen to hip hop or house music were more likely to have been involved in an accident than those who prefer classical music.
Well, I'd like to believe that, no matter the kind of music, a good playlist can have a positive effect on your driving skills and help you to relax and concentrate."
Vernon: "Music is that number one ingredient that can make or break your road trip. The right music will make your trip enjoyable and memorable, the wrong music will just make your excursion boring and dull."
Massimo: "We've picked some classics and combined it with some newer deeper stuff. We've selected a tracklist that you'd like to hear when you're driving."