Highway High: A14 by Timmerman


Highway High is a mixtapes series bringing you the perfect soundtrack for all your late night driving. Think of it as sonic cruise control.

Number sixteen by Timmerman.

For this occasion I carefully combined a wide selection of deeper and atmospheric tracks into a 1 hour trip, best listened to in your car on a late night drive. With music from Beach House, Felix Laband and Kate Bush I’ll take you for a ride on the other side of the spectrum of what I usually play. Named after the A14 between Ghent and Antwerp.
Sit back, stay focussed and enjoy the ride…


Beach House - Levitation
Chromatics - Tick of the Clock (Film Edit)
Multi Culti - Mayan Voyager
Matanza - Existencia (Acid Pauli Remix)
Chaim - Slower Circle
Massimiliano Pagliara - Sometimes At Night
Felix Laband - Miss Teardrop
Cowboy Rhythmbox - Children of the Monolith
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Make A Deal With God)
Init - Talking About Talking (C.P.I. Remix)
Trikk - Several (Gysin Dub)
ZK Bucket - Let Your Body Control the Beat (feat. The Drifter) [The Drifter Remix]
w/ Bluen - Home with Aram Santy & Fantastic Twins - The New You
Röyksopp - Compulsion
Chromatics - Shadow