Full Circle x Red Bull Elektropedia


Fresh kid on the block A Local Hero is the resident of Contrair, a party label hailing from Antwerp. They will host De Studio during Full Circle where A Local Hero has invited Timmerman, Sixsixsixties and Bafana to join him behind the decks. For this mix he tried mix to some of his favorite tracks that were produced by a Belgian artist or released on a Belgian label. The result is a journey from the past to the future and back. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Witness A Local Hero at Full Circle, a yearly city festival taking place in Antwerp’s biggest nightclubs and some off-the-grid venues. All events are accessible with one single ticket.

-> facebook.com/events/2136565496417460

1. Callboys Orchestra - Liberty - Callboys OST (2016)
2. Harem - Waiting (Waiting, 1988, ARS Records)
3. Vitesse - sorry Adriaan (In De Lucht, 2017, Crevette Records)
4. Asa Moto, Aleksandir - Yamaha (2018, Tesselate)
5. Starlight - Dance to the beat (1984, BMC Records)
6. Kazino - Binary (1985, Carrere)
7. "Unknown Artist" - Waffles 007, sushi-side (2018, Waffles)
8. Sworn Virgins - Fifity Dollar Bills (2018, Deewee)
9. San Soda - You hear me (2012, We Play House)
10. Noise Abroad - Vent that Spleen (1983, EMI)
11. Emmanuelle - Italove (2016, Deewee)
12. Superdiesel - Tickets naar de zon (Prins Thomas 'Billett Til Solen’ Diskomiks) (2014, no official release)
13. Allez Allez - African Queen (1981, EMI)