Missing The Club: a new book about electronic music and club culture by Koen Galle


Our former Red Bull Elektropedia and Red Bull The Vinyl Frontier writer has released a beautiful book filled with interviews, stories, texts, essays and visual material about the nightlife scene.

With over 20 years of experience as a DJ and music journalist, Koen Galle’s perspective on the current state of affairs in the music scene is bundled in an impressive 248-page book. In ‘Missing The Club’, you can find the former Red Bull Elektropedia and Red Bull The Vinyl Frontier writer’s most cherished stories and interviews, with stunning photographs by Thomas Sweertvaegher. Expect touching features with SSR Records, Peter Van Hoesen, Marc Hollander & DJ Morpheus, Toru S., Foo Fei Lin, Wally’s Groove World and more.

Why did you decide to release this book now?

“I made a couple of mixtapes in the summer of 2020 under the title 'Missing The Club'. After the third instalment, I had the idea to expand the project with the publication of a book. I started researching the tracks on the mixtape, I added some of my favourite articles from my archive as a music journalist, and I wrote a few more essays. All in all, you could say this passion project got out of hand”.

You could say this passion project got out of hand

Isn't publishing a book a risky business these days? Why the choice of print?

"Above all, I wanted this to be something tangible and eternal; something I was sure would make it to the next generation. In the past, I often wrote for all kinds of projects and blogs (Red Bull Elektropedia and Red Bull The Vinyl Frontier), and by default, you never know if a piece will stay online forever. By choosing paper, I know for sure that my favourite stories will survive. It isn't easy to make money with this kind of project, indeed, but then this truly is a passion project. So far, the buyers' reactions have been very enthusiastic, which I am grateful for".

Can you tell us more about the mix you have made? What can we expect?

“I wanted to approach my 'Missing The Club' series like a DJ set in a club. First, you prepare a crate of vinyl, then you put on the first one, and you see what happens. Everything is recorded in one take, without any post-production editing. It may have been in my living room, but I still had the feeling that an audience was listening in. Specifically, this mixtape tries to run through the cycle of a club night in 90 minutes. From quiet warm-up to deep house, raw disco, techy stuff and back again, with a few side trips here and there".