Maze & Lindholm - A River Flowing Home To The Sea

Pictures by Caroline Lessire


The Brussels-based duo is back with a second album that delivers some profound sonic meditation.

On their 2018 album, Where The Wolf Has Been Seen, Maze & Lindholm played with the contrasting moods of anxiety and contemplation. Their new material radically chooses to single out the latter. This time, ambient soundscapes flow at a quiet pace and invite us to experience a state of inner tranquillity. With the sophomore album dropping tomorrow, we have an exclusive first listen for you alongside a little interview below.

Can you try to explain this album to someone who has no clue what to expect?

"We see this album - and largely our work together - as an open window laid bare by musical dialogues. This peaceful feeling is expressed in the album title, A River Flowing Home To The Sea. It's all about letting go and moving beyond. 'The River' always keep moving forward, back to its source, while we move on, with it, creating endless circles in the water". 

Every sound on the album was made with wooden or metal materials.

What were your motivations to make more ambient material?

"Our first album was recorded in a 12 square meter room in the city, so the music we created there sounded more claustrophobic, especially with the reverb-oriented sound treatment done by our sound guy Daniel Bleikolm. For this project, we drove to an old house in the countryside. We made a temporary studio in a room with a large window overlooking the trees. As usual, we started talking first, this time predominantly about oriental philosophy. Three secluded days like that quickly resulted in what you hear today. It's the outcome of isolated days spent contemplating and recording music".

"In short, this album is the result of combining Lindholm's double bass and Maze's minimalist percussion set up, made of singing bowls, finger cymbals, bells or claves. Every sound was made with wooden or metal materials, often with added effects".

"Later on, we listened back to the recordings and felt there was a relation between the silence and the large natural space. As Brian Eno's said, the bond between a specific context and the listening experience defines ambient music. As Maze & Lindholm, our approach to music production and recording is entirely in line with this approach".