Masterklass #6: Cosmic Kraut Nuggets by Rick Shiver


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Next in line is Brussels based Rick Shiver (Libertine/Supersport). Titled "Cosmic Kraut Nuggets" he is not showcasing your typical late 60s—early 70s German experimental rock overview, but a personal selection of late 70s—early 80s kosmische musik favorites.

01 Cluster "Avanti" [1979 Sky] SKY027
02 Michael Rother "Feuerland" [1977 Sky] SKY007
03 Peter Baumann "This Day" [1979 Virgin]
04 Ashra "Shuttle Cock" [1977 Polydor]
05 Edgar Froese "NGC 891" [1974 Brain]
06 Harald Grosskopf "Emphasis" [1980 Sky] SKY043
07 Supersempfft "Be A Man You Frog" [1979 CBS]
08 Serge Blenner "Phrase VIII" [1980 Sky] SKY042
09 Vangelis "Multi-Track Suggestion" [1980 Polydor]
10 Klaus Schulze "Tango-Saty" [1983 Innovative Communication]
11 Tangerine Dream "Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)" [1977 MCA]
12 Peter Baumann "Romance" [1976 Virgin]
13 Riechmann "Wunderbar" [1978 Sky] SKY017
14 La Düsseldorf "Silver Cloud" [1976 Nova]
15 Roedelius "Wenn Der Südwind Weht" [1981 Sky] SKY064
16 Conrad Schnitzler "Ballet Statique" [1978 Paragon]
17 Popol Vuh "Aguirre I" (Lacrime Di Rei) [1975 PDU]
18 Richard Wahnfried "Schwung" 33rpm [1981 Innovative Communication]
19 Michael Bundt "The Brain Of Oskar Panizza" [1977 Offers]
20 Asmus Tietchens "Zeebrügge" [1983 Sky] SKY087
21 Rainer Bloss "Lovely Hitch Hiker" [1986 Inteam]
22 Pyrolator "Danger Cruising" [1979 Ata Tak]
23 Rheingold "Stahlherz" [1982 EMI Electrola]
24 Moebius & Plank "Tollkühn" [1981 Sky] SKY067
25 Moebius "Hasenheide" [1983 Sky] SKY083
26 Phantom Band "Phantom Drums" [1980 Sky] SKY08
27 Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze
"Transfer Blue Station" [1984 Fortuna]