Masterklass #40: PostPunkFunk by Geoffroy Mugwump


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Enjoy this Masterklass by Geoffroy Mugwump in our number forty!

Geoffroy Mugwump is an elusive presence, building a legacy of non-formulaic music, fusing together 80’s pop music, ebm, indie, dub, film scores, kraut, industrial, post-punk & new-beat influences with house, disco & techno trough DJ sets and live shows as a 4-piece band.
"Here's a mix of old & new postpunk-ish music I listen to with the band while we're recording the new album which should hit the shelves by the end of the year."


Fat White Family - Satisfied
Andrew Weatherall - A Pox On The Pioneers
Devo - Satisfaction
Talking Heads - New Feeling
Stranglers - Skin Deep (Extended Version)
Quad Throw Salchow - The Unwelcome Guest (Original Version) + Ivan Smagghe's ISE8 Edit
Damaged Bug - The Mirror
Durutti Column - Lips That Would Kiss
Simple Minds - Careful In Career
TC Matic - Willie Willie
The Intelligence - Tourists
Protomartyr - Pontiac 87
Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky
Andrew Weatherall - All The Little Things (That Makes Life Worth Leaving)

Masterklass #40