Masterklass #39: A Dive Into Real Electro by DMT Lemons


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Enjoy this Masterklass by DMT Lemons in our number thirty nine!

"What started out as a joke, turned out to be an interesting trip into the crazy world of electro in it’s purest form from the past and the future. DTM Funk & Arno Lemons found a crossroad in their niches of electronic music they play and love, and gave the ugly kid a name.
Before their first dive into Atlantis with Drexcyan Dj Stingray on April 16 at Havn Dam, DMT Lemons gives you a little re-definition of electro. Dive along and be introduced to L.A.- & Detroit legends such as The Egyptian Lover, Mc ShyD, DMX Krew, Gigolo Tony, Model 500 (Juan Atkins), Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambataa and newer things by Alex Seidel, C-Lektro, Seldom Seen, Max Graef, Aquarian Motion and more."


MC Shy D - Paula's on Crack
MC ADE - Bass Mechanic
Gigoly Tony - I'm a crack Cocaine
Bass Patrol - Rock This Planet
Africa Bambata - Planet Rock
Kraftwerk - Planet Rock (Kraftwerk remix)
Egyptian Lover - Party
Cybotron - Clear
Max Graef - Vino Rosetto
DMX Crew - Black Steps
X Ray Connection - There’s No Communication
Seldom Seen - Varrio Funk
C-Lektro - Untitled
Alex Seidel - Secret High
Alex Seidel - S.G.
Aquarian Motion - Black Water Dreams
Model 500 (Juan Atkins) - Nightdrive (Babylon Mix)
Luxus Varta - Losquato feat. Paris The Black FU
C-Lektro - Untitled

Masterklass #39