Masterklass #38: Rolling Drums by Murdock


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Enjoy this Rolling Drums Masterklass by Murdock in our number thirty eight!

"Around the turn of the century, there was this incredible flood of producers and labels from the Uk and beyond, that combined those typical sped up funk breaks that jungle and drum&bass have become known for with heavy dubbass, lots of echo chamber, and a shitload of sampling from the garage and rave era. To me, this was mainly centered around Total Science and Digital & Spirit, and their labels CIA Recordings and Phantom Audio, but loads of other artists delivered notable contributions to this style of drum&bass as well, with Dylan, Facs, Loxy, Ink, Sonic & Silver, Marcus Intalex and Juju among others. I have been looking for an excuse to dig out some of those tunes for a while now, so I’m glad Elektropedia asked me to whip this up. It’s a one-take all vinyl mix, by the way, so excuse the crackle and pops here and there. All of this vinyl is at least 15 years old!"

Have you heard the man's latest gem Make Me Stronger ft. Jenna G already? Out now on Viper Recordings.


M.I.S.T. - How You Make Me Feel (Photek remix)
Juju - Loco Dub
Digital - Red Mist
Marcus Intalex, ST Files & Calibre - Mist:ical Dub II
Spirit - Hit & Miss
Digital & Spirit - Void VIP
Loxy & Amaning - Psalms
Eljay & Ruffstuff - Serious
Cause ’n’ Effect - Passion
Sonic & Silver - On The Anson
Tech Level 2 - Tempest
Break & Hydro - Future
Q-Project - Voltage
Dylan & Bkey - Dub Era
Sonic & Silver - Gyro
Mark XTC - So Addicted
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science remix)
Dylan & Loxy - Badself
Usual Suspects & Friction - Stressed Out
Catchin Wreck - Cut Throat
Total Science - Murder Ting

Masterklass #38