Masterklass #35: L'union fait la force by Champion Soundsystem


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Enjoy this deeper look into Belgian productions with our ’L'union fait la force’ episode by Champion Soundsystem in our number thirty five!

“We chose mainly ‘old’ tracks for this mix, which inspired us throughout the past years in our musical journey. Going from obscure 70s to 80s jazz and synth trips, to 90s and 00s boombap hip hop and footwork. The devil is in the details, and in this mix, that would be the fact that they’re all Belgian tracks! We kept it quite chronologically correct, so it represents a small fraction of the evolution in Belgian beat productions.”


Marc Moulin - Tohu Bohu
Hein Huysmans Kwintet - Marakesh
Eric Feremans - The Antwerp Killer
De Puta Madre - Le Dealer De Son Dope (MDMA instrumental)
40 Winks - Low Budget Style
After Hours - Airflare Freez
Herrmutt Lobby - Cosmonautes Funk For 2 Joysticks (Live Take)
O for Odetta - Traffic
Ssaliva - RZA
Hiele - Mabel Mimics
Dynooo - 08
STUFF. - Free Mo
Title - Ice Breaker
REPTL WINS - Liquid Game
Sabre - Yoga (Alix Perez Warped Mix)
Up High Collective - Compressium
Richard Colvaen - Polimetria
Cupp Cave - Mind Bones (Sagat Remix)
Cupp Cave - Hypersport
Le Motel - Coyote (Live Version)
NAG - Mouth Cruise

Masterklass #35