Masterklass #33: Funky Sensations by Mister Critical


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Enjoy this funky sensation by Mister Critical in our number thirty three!


carla thomas - how can you throw my love away
the diplomats - i’ve got the kind of love
isaac hayes - breaktrough
the chubukos - house of the rising funk
arthur conley - one night is all i need
jesse anderson - i got a problem
the barons ltd - making it better
little sonny - memphis bk
jay mitchell - tighter and tighter
mickey and the soul generation - iron leg
johnny talbot and de thangs - pickin’ cotton
luther ingram - putting game down
the meters - same old thing
the everyday people - gold smoke
orgone - strike
the manhattans - fever
willie henderson & the explosions - off into a black thing
gene chandler - in my body’s house
king hannibal - the truth shall make you free
dynamic concepts - whatcha want us to do
hp riot - i have changed
ebony rhythm funk campaign - 69 cents
quazar - funk ’n roll (dancin’ in the funkshine)
curtis mayfield - getting deeper
cameo - cameosis
herbie hancock - spider
new york port authority - twilight zone
messiah - alpha wave
brass construction - take it easy
pauline & bobby - no messin around
jay dee bryant - get it
the gene dudmey group - inspector norse
eddie roberts and the fire eaters - workout
frank strazzeri - cloudburst