Masterklass #30: Tour de Chi' by Jensen


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Enjoy your flight to Chicago with Jensen for number thirty!

"When Red Bull Elektropedia asked me to do a Masterklass, I decided it was going to be a Chicago house classics mix. But not the obvious classics. I wanted to take you on a guided tour of the first decade of Chicago house. An hour filled with gems that would normally not make the cut, because they're not the first that come to mind when someone says ‘Chicago house'. After selecting about 150 of those records, I pressed play and started mixing - going for that raw feeling like I usually do. Using two turntables and an Allen & Heath mixer, I picked the records as they sprung to mind."


1) Club MCM & Marshall Jefferson – Message 2 Ron (Kaay's Drum # II Bass)
2) QX-1 – On A Journey (Journey Mental Mixx)
3) A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man – I Believe
4) Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - The Acid Life
5) Adonis And The Endless Poker's - The Poke (Jackmaster Mix)
6) Marshall Jefferson Presents Dancing Flutes – Do The Do
7) Master C & J – In The City
8) Terry Hunter - Back To House
9) Steve Poindexter Presents Kareem Smith - To The Motherland
10) Club MCM - It's Me
11) Gemini - Phosphorscene
12) Glenn Underground – F. Shock
13) Sterling Void – Serve It Up
14) Sterling Void - Runaway Girl (Radio Mix)
15) Greg Cash - Love's Really Got Me (RMX)
16) Paul Johnson - The Music In Me
17) DJ Sneak - Work it
18) Tyree Cooper - T.C.X.
19) Lil' Louis - Music Takes U Away (Serious Instrumental Mix)
20) Jesse Saunders – On And On