Masterklass #28: An Introduction To Slow Techno by Pete Howl


Red Bull Elektropedia Masterklass is not just another random mixtape series. Every episode tells the story of a love affair between a DJ and a certain genre, era, label or any kind of subject matter interesting enough to be turned into a proper mixtape. We select the DJs and musicians based on their knowledge of (and enthusiasm for) music - giving them absolute freedom to show off their insights. Subscribe yourself to our Masterklasses today and get a PhD in music sciences tomorrow.

For Masterklass number 28, we present you the king of the afterparty: Pete Howl.

"I was very honored by the request to record a Masterklass mixtape for Red Bull Elektropedia. I simply love the idea behind it! It gives you the opportunity to dig a little deeper in your record collection and makes you think outside the box. As I'm a huge fan of techno in all its facets, this was the perfect chance for me as a dj to let people hear a different side of techno I'm listening to when at home. The result is a slow, dark, trippy and obscure mix."



01. Akkord - Smoke Circle
02. In Aeternam Vale - 808TS
03. Amir Alexander - A Virtuous Woman!
04. Fishermen - Hope Is Gone
05. Danny Daze, Drvg Cvltvre - Hex
06. TM404 - 303/303/303/606/606
07. Red Axes - Waiting For A Surprise (Kris Baha Remix)
08. Oliver Kucera - Onwards Motion
09. Drvg Cvltvre - Movnt Doom
10. Sascha Dragheim - Ashenhet
11. Remute - Tin Drum
12. Barker & Baumecker - Clusterfuck